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French comfort food for all

Little Goat Food & Drink


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A friendly little restaurant serving creative comfort food.

We are currently offering take out, delivery through Door Dash and our special Family Suppers for delivery

2615 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB

This week we want to support frontline

social services and mental health workers. 

Please sponsor a lunch for $10


Contact us today to order: 204-254-4628 or email us at catering@littlegoat.ca

Call for Take out or for our Family Suppers. Or check out Door Dash for delivery only

Call 204-254-4628 or email us at catering@littlegoat.ca

We will be closed Saturday June 13th and Sunday June 14th

We will be closed on Father’s Day, Sunday June 21st.
ask about our Father’s Day BBQ Box and our Father’s Day Gift Basket

Take out and Door Dash hours Tuesday-Friday: 11:30 a.m.–8 p.m.

June 1st, 2020


Dear friends, neighbours and wonderful customers,


This is my twelfth letter to you and our twelfth week of serving family suppers. I think we have put together a pretty good menu for you. It’s the beginning of the local asparagus season, so one of our menus will feature asparagus front and center in one of my favourite dishes, Asparagus Strudel. I am looking forward to feeding you all again this week!


Today, phase two of the reopening plan begins in Manitoba. As of today, restaurants are allowed to open up again at %50 capacity with social distancing and other protective measures in place. We have wrestled with the decision to reopen and have decided that we will not be reopening this week. We have a few reasons for this decision, but our main reason is that we cannot wrap our heads around how to keep the servers and support staff safe. The 2m distance guideline does a good job from protecting groups of customers from other customers, but we don’t know how to serve a table and clear the dishes in a manner in which we feel is safe. We also feel that at Little Goat we like to create an interactive experience between servers and guests and we like our guests to linger over their meals or their final coffees. The directive to essentially “feed them and get them out as quickly as possible” doesn’t really suit what Little Goat is all about. When this all started, Danielle and I decided we would evaluate the situation every week and make decisions based on what we felt was the best and safest course of action. So, we will be re-evaluating this decision next week, but for the time being, we will stick to our take out and delivery model.


Every restaurant in the city is going to be wrestling with this decision as well. And every restaurant in the city will make a decision that best suits them. We encourage you to get out, enjoy an other restaurant, have a nice patio sit, and support local restaurants as much as you feel comfortable doing. We encourage you to support you neighbourhood, independently owned local restaurants, they need all the help you can give them. #EatLocal


This week we want to focus on front line workers in social services and mental health.On Friday  brought lunches to Willow Place to feed their workers on the day, evening and overnight shifts. “Willow Place is a family violence agency supporting transformation, healing and healthy relationships”  We are also seeking support so that we can bring lunches to Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin, Salvation Army – Booth Centre, Main Street Project  and 1JustCity as well as other front line mental health workers. We will also be bring lunches to the Grace Hospital this week thanks to a weekly subscription from Boeing Canada. Thank you for your continued support with this.  For a $10 donation, we provide one meal to frontline workers. You can call us or email catering@littlegoat.ca to make a donation.


If you are looking for help feeding the crew on the weekends, we have BBQ Boxes for you. We have two different boxes at different prices to meet your needs. Boxes will be available for pick up or delivery on Thursday or Friday after 3:00. Because we are making these boxes with fresh product, please make sure you give us one full day’s notice when ordering. The description of these boxes is on the website under “Menus>>BBQ Boxes” or scroll down to the very bottom of the menu page.


This week our “Mise en Place” menu will be a delicious morrocan chicken and almond filo pie, called Bastila. “Mise en Place” is for all of you who love to cook and for those who want to learn to cook, but don’t have time to do all the prep or don’t want to venture out to get all the groceries. Check out our website for details on how this works. Look under the “Family Suppers” tag.


We are starting to build a selection of local food items that you can buy through us and have delivered by us. We have added chocolates by Constance Popp and all kinds of great organic oat products from Adagio Acres. Check out the order list at www.littlegoat.ca under #buy local. Orders placed by Thursday at 5:00 will be included in your weekend deliveries.


Just thinking ahead to Father’s Day Weekend. We will not be opening on Father’s Day. We will be offering a fun Father’s day BBQ Box and we will be making Father’s Day gift boxes. Your dad probably doesn’t need another tie, so get him this collection of Smak Dab Mustards, Elman’s Horseradish,  Little Goat BBQ sauce and Hot Sauce, Brad’s Family Relish, Constance Popp Bacon Chocolate Bark,  our very own spicy steak spice and our secret, patent pending, hashspice. People are asking what is in the Father’s Day BBQ box, we will have this information posted on the website and facebook pages later this week.


We will be closed Saturday, June 13th. It’s my birthday! BBQ Boxes will be available for pick up on Friday the 12th.


Again, thank you for your continued and enthusiastic support. While you are all helping us, we hope we are helping you to feed yourselves and your families with tasty nutritious meals. If there is anything else you would like us to provide, please let me know. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, stay home and stay safe. Mind, be kind.


With lots of love,

Alex and Danielle






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