Cooking Classes

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On Wednesday Night, I am doing my “how to tartare” cooking class. Last wednesday, we had Jessie show us how to properly sharpen knives, and this Wednesday I will be teaching a group of people how to make proper steak tartare. I am feeling inspired by this, and I love the 2 week format. A lot of the dishes I like to make are slow cooking dishes and are hard to complete in the space of a single cooking class. So, next week, I want to do a two week “how to cassoulet” class. In week one, we will learn how to debone a duck and make duck confit. We will deliver the duck and the necessary ingredients earlier in the day. We will also provide you with some of the materials and instructions for ingredients that will require advance preparation. Week two, we will deliver the rest of the ingredients and make cassoulet together. Cassoulet is one of my favourite dishes to make, because I am always challenged by it.  This dish of beans braised with pork and duck and sausage is a dish that can grow from stodgy to ecstatic with a few simple steps. We will be providing you with enough ingredients to make cassoulet to feed two people. All this, for only $65. Email us at


Call-Ahead Menu

Call 204-254-4628 to order any of the following items for pick-up. Please provide a day’s notice.

Little Goat Favourites:

  • Tourtiere, frozen ready to bake 9 inch (feeds 4) $20
  • Turkey Pot Pie, frozen ready to bake 9” (feeds 4) $20
  • Lasagna, Meat or Veggie, (Feeds 4) $20
  • Cinnamon Buns, 6 pieces (add cream cheese frosting $3) $15
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Bread pudding with caramel sauce (for 4) $20


  • Beet Borscht (Vegan) $9/L
  • Chicken Noodle $9/L
  • White Bean, Kale and Chorizo $9/L
  • Cream of Mushroom and Basil $9L
  • Curry Chick Pea $9/L

House Made Breads

  • Little Goat Sourdough
  • Giant restaurant sized loaf $15
  • Normal size loaf $7
  • Rye bread $6
  • Gluten Free Bread $9
  • Herb and Garlic Focaccia $7
  • Dinner Rolls 6 for $6
  • Everything Burger Bun (6’s) $9

Sweet Things

  • Buttertart Slice 6 for $10
  • Raspberry Macaroon Bar 6 for $12
  • Diabetic Friendly Brownie (made with black beans and oats) 6 for $12
  • Oatmeal, Chocolate, Raisin Cookies 6 for $10
  • Pecan Blondies 6 for $12

Mise en Place

The art and science of being ready

We are expanding our services to include meal prep and cooking guidance. We know many of you love to cook and often ask for our recipes – which we are happy to share! We’re adding taking care of the shopping, doing the mise en place and sending step by step instructions to make a fabulous dinner.

Every week, we will be offering a dinner which will be prepped and ready for you to do the fun part. We will provide a main dish and appropriate side dishes as well as a recipe with detailed instructions. Chef Alex will be available by email to help with any cooking questions you might have. Email any questions to

This week we are featuring Ris de Veau. This menu will feature veal sweetbreads prepared two ways, one with golden raisins and sherry and the other with bacon and peas. We will serve this with a parsnip puree and an arugula salad.

Custom Cakes

We would love to bake a cake for your special occasion! Call us and let us know what you have in mind.