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Breakfast at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.



Family Suppers: Week 27


Menu for Tuesday, September 22nd to Saturday, September 26th



Menu A:

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

with spinach, candied pecans and dried cranberries with a orange,    coriander vinaigrette

Coq au Vin

Chicken braised in red wine with mushrooms, shallots and bacon. Served with Mashed Potatoes and local veg.

Chocolate Raspberry Cream Puffs




Menu B: 

Qu’ésotérique* Fundido

Spicy melted cheese dip with tortillas and veggies for dipping

Beef and Bean Burittos

Burritos baked with ancho salsa Roja and melted cheese. Served with Corn and Pepper Hash, Mexi slaw and pico de gallo

Chocolate Peach Cobbler


*this is actually supposed to be “queso” but I love what my autocorrect did so much, I decided to leave it.


Menu C:

Caesar Salad

    Romaine with herb croutons, parmesan and lemon, garlic dressing

Roast Pork Loin

With apples, fennel and onion with grainy mustard jus. Served with roasted potatoes and local veggies

Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Parfaits





Kid’s Menu $7 a la carte, $10 as part of a three course family supper

Mac & Cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

Crispy Chicken and mashed potatoes



    • $20/person. Half Price for kids between 5 and 12, kids under 5 eat for free.
    • All meals are served family style, one menu per household.
    • With a limited staff we are trying to keep this streamlined, please avoid changes or substitutions
    • Delivery charge of $5 in St. James, the west end or Wolseley. Delivery to other neighbourhoods may be available on request for an additional charge TBD. We cannot guarantee precise delivery times, we will offer a delivery “window”. Deliveries outside our delivery zone will be accommodated after the local deliveries are completed.
    • Everything is made fresh to order, please place your order a day in advance.


  • All orders must be placed before 2:00 for the same evening. 


  • Call 204-254-4628 or email us at catering@littlegoat.ca



Lunch at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.

Please note: All our menus are changing as we streamline our operation to adapt to our new reality. All items subject to availabilty, please call to inquire. Please be patient as we make these changes. Please give us a days notice for these treats.

you can now order on line at


Other treats (please give us a days notice for these treats)

Tourtiere, frozen ready to bake 9 inch (feeds 4) $20

Turkey Pot Pie, frozen ready to bake 9” (feeds 4) $20

Cinnamon Buns, 6 pieces (add cream cheese frosting $3) $15

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread pudding with caramel sauce (for 4) $20


Corn Chowder $9/L

Chicken Noodle       $9/L

Cuban Black Bean $9/L

Cream of Mushroom and Basil $9L

Sweet potato coconut curry (vegan) $9/L


House Made Breads 

(our breads are all made fresh to order and need time to properly proof and rise,

So we need at least one day’s notice any of these for these)


Little Goat Sourdough 

Giant restaurant sized  loaf $15

Normal size loaf $7

Rye bread $6

Gluten Free Bread $9

Herb and Garlic Focaccia $7

Dinner Rolls   6 for $6

Everything Burger Bun (6’s) $9


Sweet Things

Rhubarb Matrimonial Square 6 for $10

Nanaimo Bars 6 for $12

Raspberry Macaroon Bar 6 for $12

Diabetic Friendly Brownie (made with black beans and oats) 6 for $12

Oatmeal, Chocolate, Raisin Cookies 6 for $12

Giant “Oreo” Cookies 6 for $18


Ask  about our Custom Cakes. Now that you can gather in small groups, we would love to bake a cake for your special occasion.


Thanks for your support,




Burgers at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.

#Eat Local

you can now order on line at



Grab & Go Salads


Soba Noodle Salad                                $9

With chicken, cucumber, broccoli, snap peas, cabbage and sprouts

in a sesame soy vinaigrette



Crunch Salad                                    $8

Romaine lettuce with cauliflower, radish, snap peas, celery,

peppers cucumber topped with seeds with Green Goddess Dressing



Naked and Wild                                $9

Naked oats and sprouted wild rice with avocado, celery, scallion, cashews and chicken


Grab & Go Sandwiches


Chicken Caesar Wrap                                $9

A whole wheat tortilla with chicken, romaine, parmesan and lemony caesar dressing


Roast Beef                                    $9

With horseradish mayo, old cheddar, lettuce and tomato


Egg Salad                                    $7

With fresh herbs, celery and radish



Adagio Acres

(all oats are organically grown and gluten free) 

Steel Cut Oats (900g)                                                                                        $8

Quick Oats  (900g)                                                                                            $8

Rolled Oats (900g)                                                                                           $8

Wild Rice and Naked Oat Blend (350g)                                                      $8

Wild rice, naked oat and dried blueberry porridge (350g)                     $8

Flora and Farmer Order List

Raspberry Grapefruit        (212 ml)                                                          $13

Blueberry basil spread    (212 ml)                                                            $12

Strawberry, beet & vanilla spread    (212 ml)                                        $12

Whiskey & Spice Marmalade        (212 ml)                                             $11

Savoury Fig spread        (212 ml)                                                              $11

Applekraut (must be kept refrigerated)    (500 ml)                            $11

Fresh Roots Farm 

Pasture based Raw Honey

500 ml                                        $7

1000 ml                                     $12

Chocolatier Constance Popp

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Bark                                                                $8
(organic blueberries, 55% dark choc)

Milk or White Chocolate Almond Bark                                                   $8
(our own roasted caramelized almonds)

Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark                                                                                                         $8
(our own crispy bacon and sea salt with 55% dark chocolate)

White Chocolate Pistachio Cherry Bark                                                                                    $8
(creamy vanilla premium white chocolate with pistachios and dried cherries)

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar                                                                                                        $8
(single-origin 65% dark chocolate with sea salt)

Milk Chocolate Manitoba Made Chocolate Bar                                                                        $8
(creamy sumptuous 35% milk chocolate in our original  province of Manitoba bar)

Zinn Farm’s                                                                                                                           $9/6pk
              european style all berkshire pork hot dogs (made from pasture raised pork)

Flatland Roasters

North 40                                                                                                                                     340g/$18

Rogue Wave Espresso (Little Goat House Roast)                                                              340g/$18

Honduras Decaf.                                                                                                                       340g/$18


Brunch at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.

Mise en Place

Please call to preorder or email us at Catering@littlegoat.ca


The art and science of being ready


We are expanding our services to include meal prep and cooking guidance. We know many of you love to cook and often ask for our recipes – which we are happy to share! We’re adding taking care of the shopping, doing the mise en place and sending step by step instructions to make a fabulous dinner.


Every week, we will be offering a dinner which will be prepped and ready for you to do the fun part. We will provide a main dish and appropriate side dishes as well as a recipe with detailed instructions. Chef Alex will be available by email to help with any cooking questions you might have. Email any questions to alex@littlegoat.ca



People often ask me what is my favourite dish to make, the answer I usually give is “Cassoulet”. This classic dish from southwestern France is the original “pork & beans”. It is very involved, has many steps and bears the weight of hundreds of years of tradition. It is also risky, made poorly it can be heavy, stodgy and down right boring. Made well, it can be life changing! And the line between a bad cassoulet and a go cassoulet is razor thin. My version of cassoulet will be made with great northern beans with duck confit, sausage and pork belly. It takes about a week to make. If you want, I can give you the ingredients to make the week long version, but I can also speed things up for you and let you make the finished in one evening recipe. (There are a few steps we can take care of for you) Mise en place is for all of you who love to cook and for those who want to learn to cook, but don’t have time to do all the prep or don’t want to venture out to get all the groceries.  Mise en place is for all of you who love to cook and for those who want to learn to cook, but don’t have time to do all the prep or don’t want to venture out to get all the groceries. “Mise en Place” is for all of you who love to cook and for those who want to learn to cook, but don’t have time to do all the prep or don’t want to venture out to get all the groceries. $85


Chicken curry recipe from Chef Alex Svenne.

Bag Lunches

Back to School: Week of September 8 to 11th

Pre order and pick up in the evening or in the morning between 8 and 9

All lunches include a juice box or a can of bubbly water


Lunch Bag A


Turkey Wrap with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and herb aioli (veggie wrap available)

Caesar Salad

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie


Lunch Bag B


Mediterranean Pasta salad

With sundried tomato, feta, spinach and cherry tomatoes

Hummus and Pita

Fresh Fruit cup


Lunch Bag C


Ham Sandwich on rye with zucchini relish, roasted peppers and pepper  jack cheese

Garden Salad

Chocolate pudding cup.


We can prepare lunches in reusable containers for a $10 refundable deposit.