Breakfast at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.


Brunch at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

menu subject to change without notice

For something sweet,Saskatoon Pancakes, brown sugar whipped cream, toasted oats  $14


Of course, we have a classic two egg breakfast done your way, with choice of bacon or sausage,(we have Beyond sausage too)  hashbrowns and our sourdough, buttered, toasted and served with our fruit compote $12


This one has been on the menu, since day one,  Mushrooms on toast with herb aioli,  goat cheese and arugula (add a poached egg $3) it’s kind of my favourite.$12


Harvest  hash with market gardener’s veggies, toasted oats and a salsa verde, you can enjoy it  with either chickpeas or a poached egg $14


Eggs benedict with house cured back bacon, english muffins, two poached eggs and hollandaise. Served with hashbrowns. $14


Soft dough rolled like a cinnamon bun, we make our Morning buns, sweet or savoury, ask your server for today’s flavours $7







tomato salad, with crispy fried cheese curd “croutons”, lots of herbs  and a cherry tomato vinaigrette $12

Roasted Beets and Carrots, sesame seeds, pumpkin hummus, cucumber, mint, kale, ginger coriander dressing

Moules et Frites  $18
fennel, leek and pernod

mushroom & blue cheese

Tomato and basil


And a visit to little goat would not be the same without some

Mac & Cheese. (sm $9/ lg $15)

Add bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese, chicken or veggies $3 ea



Lunch at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.

Sandwich Board

Burgers and Sandwiches 

Roast chicken, mango kale slaw, ginger basil mayo,

toasted sourdough $13


Who doesn’t love Grilled Cheese? We fill this one with three kinds of cheese and tomato chutney. Add bacon ($3) .                    $9


Curried chick peas, roasted veggies, pickled onions, grilled sourdough, fresh herbs                    $13


Turkey Meatloaf,

toasted sourdough, roast garlic gravy, crispy brussel sprouts        $12


Beef and Pork Burger

with tomato chutney, bacon, mozzarella  and basil ginger mayo.    $12




Burgers at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.

Heartier Items



penne, cherry tomatoes, shrimp, green peas,  basil, feta  $16



with chicken, bacon and mushrooms in a cream sauce  $16



Brunch at Little Goat Food and Drink in Winnipeg.

Benny Saturday! Le Burger Week Edition





Chicken curry recipe from Chef Alex Svenne.

Dinner Menu


Open for dinner Thursday to Saturday, from 5 to 10

Menu changes every week. Here is a sample


Dr. Lydia and Felix Lindbetter-Thomson’s 

International Institute for Complicated answers to Unimportant Questions 

and Repository for Little Goat Trivia and Ephemera

Freshly shucked Oysters served with our hot sauce,  mignonette and horseradish

Ask for today’s varieties   M.P.


I love Steak Tartare, I order it at any restaurant that carries it, but I wanted to put a baltic touch on this dish, so I am seasoning the beef with garlic, sweet onion,  dill & caraway with  a soft egg, latvian black bread, gurksalat and beer mustard $18


I have so many nice tomatoes that I want to do a tomato salad. I also have some tasty Stony Brook Dairy cheese curds, so I am offering you a tomato salad, with crispy fried cheese curd “croutons”, lots of herbs  and a cherry tomato vinaigrette $12


My friend made these Fried Dates which she fried  in olive oil with a little s&p, and it was a revelation. The dates took on a meatiness you wouldn’t expect. We are serving them with a schmear of whipped goat cheese $12


We roast big wedges of Savoy Cabbage til they are sweetly caramelized. 

Then we top it with crispy pastrami cured beef scraps, a buttery rye crumble and a drizzle of sauce A $13


This is a beautiful dish but people aren’t ordering it, so I decided I’d try rewording the description to make it more about the Trout Gravlax and less about the soft egg with furikake, salmon roe, creme fraiche and homemade soda crackers,  $15

For the full experience, enjoy this with an  ice cold shot of Brennevin $4


When a friend forages and brings you wild mushrooms, it’s a reason to celebrate. It’s pretty rare when they find matsutakes. I am showing off these beautiful white mushrooms with cream of matsutake soup made with the big ones  &  sauteeing the small ones in butter and putting them on brioche toast. A matsutake soup and sandwich. $18


My sister’s first job was at Homer’s. Servers were allowed to have the soup there, so sometimes she would bring home Avgolemono soup. We are taking this lemon, rice, chicken and egg yolk dish and using it as a base for sauteed seafood. We are  sautéeing squid, shrimp and clams in olive oil and butter. Then we are garnishing this with crispy fried capers.$21


Allow me to introduce you to Arlene. She is a market gardener who grows all kinds of tasty produce for me. This week she brought me some Russian fingerling potatoes which I am roasting in duck fat, topping with creme fraiche, blue cheese, spiced walnuts and chopped scallions $12

Family Supper $25/person

Dinner is served family style to the whole table. 

Roasted Parsnip Salad with grapefruit, hazelnuts, golden raisins in a cardamom ginger vinaigrette

Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms, cornichons and sour cream on buttery egg noodles

Or smoked tofu stroganoff with mushrooms, cornichons and oat cream.

Pear and Apple Crisp with salted caramel whipped cream


Moules et frites $18

  • fennel, leek and pernod
  • mushroom & blue cheese
  • chorizo, corn and tomato
  • tequila, lime and jalapeno
  • dijon, brown ale, caramelized onion
  • White wine & shallot


I guess this is my latest take on carbonara, one of my favourite pasta dishes (so rich!) I am using freshly made rag noodles with pork belly, onions, garlic, egg yolk, parm and of course, I am topping this with a poached egg $18


Ever since the first Fried Chicken week, we have had some sort of fried chicken dish on the menu. To make this a great fall dish, we are putting the crispy chicken pieces on a curried pumpkin puree, drizzling it with smoked paprika oil and creme fraiche,  and a sprinkle of toasted pepitos and crispy yams $25


I found some really beautiful organic celery root. We are making a creamy puree, topping it with beer  Braised Short ribs, sauteed matsutake mushroomsa drizzle of salsa verde, a little pistachio crumble and a celery leaf salad.    $29


You can’t be a Manitoban and not love Pickerel cheeks. I am sauteeing these “freshwater scallops” with spinach, slices of baby potato, cream and lots of dill. If you have never tried pickerel cheeks, now’s your chance $25


And of course, we need to offer a burger. This one, which we lovingly call the Pig & Peach (sounds like a good name for a pub) was our entry in the first ever Le Burger Week. We griddle a beef and pork patty, top it with a bourbon bbq sauce, a roast peach and a couple slices of pork belly and put it on one of our homemade potato buns. And of course, we serve this with our skinny fries. $18