Dear Loyal Customers,

October 20, 2021


Dear Little Goat People,

We continue to have staffing issues, but we really wanted to get open for breakfast and lunch again, so I crawled out of bed well before dawn to get the bread rising and the morning buns ready. I am doing breakfast and lunch on my own, just like when we first started. Ah, the memories. To manage, I wrote a very small, but I feel it is a very good menu. You should have no trouble finding something you like there. Because I am by myself back in the kitchen, I have asked our servers to take it easy on me. I’ve asked them not to seat every table, so if you are asked to wait or sent away, even if the restaurant looks only half full, it’s because they are taking pity on this old man. We continue to be open for dinner with a weekly menu and of course we are open for Sunday brunch. It has been fun working the line on Sunday with two of my kids. As more things open up, interest in the Family Suppers has been waning, and we are in the process of phasing it out. We will still offer it this week, but then we will probably be done with it.


Thanks for your continued support,



P.S. If you are interested in the Ramen Pop-Up (Sun-Tues)

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