Dear Loyal Customers,

Little Goat is Closed.

Little Goat is closed permanently. We have made the difficult decision to close our doors. We opened four years ago with great promise and the dream of being an important part of the vibrant community of St. James for years to come. However, the pandemic had other ideas. For half of our history, we lived under the pandemic. During this time, we relied heavily on the support of our local community. We tried a number of different things to keep us going, and you all came out in support of our ideas. So, for 2 years we trudged along as best as we could. Unfortunately, while we were trudging along, we dug some holes. For various reasons, we didn’t qualify for a lot of the government support programs for restaurants. As the months went on, these holes grew bigger. We lived under the hope that when we finally, fully reopened we’d be able to fill these holes back up. The reality is that when we did fully reopen, customers came back, but people were cautious. We didn’t see the boom we needed. Also, during the pandemic, a lot of little repair and maintenance jobs had been put aside, but now they needed to be dealt with. Reopening with a full service restaurant brought with it an increase in daily operating expenses, and so now the hole continued to be dug deeper. So, last week we had to make the very hard decision to stop digging and to close the doors of our quirky little eatery.


We want to thank all of you for your love and support over the past four years, particularly your support of all our initiatives throughout the pandemic. We would also love to thank our wonderful, hardworking staff. They really became like family. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you. It has been a great pleasure serving the community of St. James and beyond. We will miss you very much. Take care, please continue to show your local restaurants your support. #EatLocal


Good Bye.


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