Dear Loyal Customers,

January 17,  2022

And we are back!

Not sure if this is the right call or not, but we have decided to reopen this week. It’s hard to know what is right these days. I used to follow the “trust your gut” strategy, but even my gut is unsure of the right path forward. But here we go, we are going to open our doors to all you lovely people on Wednesday morning. We will be operating at %50 capacity which allows nice spacing between tables. We will be checking vaccination cards and photo id’s and we will be asking you to wear a mask when you are not eating or drinking. Mingling between tables will not be permitted. Staffing these days is tricky, so please be patient with us. We will also be operating with a small menu, so if you don’t see your favourite there, try something new. We hope you will find new favourites. Thank you for your support this past couple weeks. 

Because some of you may not feel comfortable coming out to eat, we are going to continue to offer Family Suppers from Wednesday to Saturday Nights. For $25 you get a 3 course menu served family style.  If you celebrate Veganuary, or just want to try something new, we are offering a vegan menu as one of our choices. To keep things simple we are going to offer two menus. One for you omnivores and one for our vegan friends. Remember, you don’t have to “be vegan” to eat a vegan meal. We put a lot of care into our vegan offerings to make sure we are offering tasty food.

This week is Fried Chicken Fest. Our entry is a “Which Came First, the Chicken or the Devil?” and it is a pair of devilled eggs topped with fried chicken, sambal honey, ginger & lemon cream, crispy crims-crums and jalapeno-cheddar popcorn. This dish is enough for an entree for one person but would be a great app for two. Check out the to see who else is competing this year.  Our Fried Chicken Fest offering is available as a starter if you order the Family Suppers for Take Out.

Our hours starting this week are Wednesday to Saturday from 9 to 2 and for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday from 5 to 9. On Saturday we are offering Benny Saturday’s again, and this Sunday our Sunday Brunch is back.

To order any of these items, please email us at You can also call us at 204-254-GOAT (4628) although the times when we will have someone available to answer will be limited. Feel free to leave a voicemail, but please be patient in waiting for a response. Email is probably the best choice. Payment can be made upon pick up, over the phone with a credit card, or by eTransfer. 


Thank you once again for your continued support.




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