Dear Loyal Customers,

May 23, 2021

Dear friends of little goats and other diminutive farm animals

Wow, that was a busy week! Thank you for your support.

The BBQ boxes and The Long Weekender was a big hit. The BBQ boxes were invented to help you have a fun at home BBQ dinners without having to go out to the store. We provide everything you need for a tasty back yard supper. This week, and this week only, we are putting a spin on the bbq. We are creating what we are calling “Cinco de BBQ: A Fajita BBQ Box”. Start off your dinner with chips, freshly made pico de gallo and chili con queso. Then we provide everything you need to make tasty fajitas on your grill, complete with mango slaw and Texas caviar. Finish up with a coconut, pineapple blondie that will make you think you are sitting on a beach sipping a pina colada. The Long Weekender will be back for the July, August and September long weekends. (For July, we will offer a special Canadianna menu) For the father’s day, we will be offering a special Deluxe Treat your Dad BBQ box. Please give us a days notice for all BBQ boxes. They are available for pick up after 4 on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

We are booking a lot of caterings for May and June. We have many options for socially distant and virtual meals, from bagged lunches to multiple household catered 3 or 4 course dinners. We can also create custom cakes and desserts for your events in many different sizes and flavours. We also offer vegan and gluten free cakes. As a smallish restaurant, we have limited capacity, so don’t miss out, book your event soon.

We have also received great response for our vegetarian and vegan family suppers. Every week we offer a vegan or vegetarian version for every menu. We are also happy to create gluten or dairy free versions of our menu.

Just so we are clear, we really don’t want anyone to feel left out. We call these family suppers, because they are served family style, but we aren’t here to define what makes up a family. We will make these menus for your household, whether your household is one person or 12 people.

We are offering family suppers in reusable glass containers. Concerned about the number of single use take out containers we are using, we decided to try this experiment. We will offer all of your food for Family suppers in re-usable glass container with tight fitting lids. You will pay a $20 deposit which will be returned when you return the dishes. If you order regularly, we will exchange filled containers for last week’s used containers and you only need to pay the deposit the first time. As a Covid protocol, we ask that you return your containers washed and we will re-wash and sanitize them when they come back to us. If you are interested, just let us know when you are placing your order that you would like glass dishes. (We do not offer this on special menu days, such as Mother’s Day, as it just gets too hectic as it is!)

The next few weeks will be hard for Manitoba restaurants. Some of your favourite spots might not survive. So please, support your locals.

Thank You for your continued support,

Danielle and Alex

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