Dear Loyal Customers,

October 25, 2020


Happy Halloween!


Halloween is my favourite day of the year. I believe it should be a national holiday. Things are going to be a little different this year, but I am still going to do what I can to get in the spirit. I plan to spend the evening of the 31st at home with my family. I have plans for how we are going to host safe trick or treating if that happens this year. If not, I will spend the evening at home with family watching scary movies and playing games. We will not be open on the evening of the 31st and we will not be doing family suppers that night. Get your orders in by Friday! We will be open for breakfast and lunch (9 to 2) on the Saturday and we will be open for brunch on Sunday from 10 to 2


We are still open, at half capacity, with a range of safety measures in place. If you prefer, we are on Skip the Dishes and Door Dash, or even better, call us and place an order in person and you can pick it up. We are also still offering our Family Suppers. This is your best value, 3 courses for $20/person. Save yourself a trip to the grocery store.


In addition to family suppers, we have our Larder. We have a variety of homemade products ranging from dill pickle butter to ready to bake tourtieres. We also have a selection of breads and desserts you can order. All these things are available for pick up or delivery. We also offer meal kits that we like to call Mise en Place. These are great for people who like to cook, but do not want to shop. This week, we are offering a really cool Morrocan filo pie called Pastilla.


We have almost enough donations to provide Riverview Health Centre for one of our Healthcare Lunches. They work so hard taking care of our most vulnerable. We would love to get about 20 more. If you donate $10, we will provide a salad, sandwich and a sweet for one worker. It would be great if we could collect about 100 donations so that we can treat the frontline workers at Riverview with a delicious, healthy lunch. So, call us or email us and make a donation. Your first name will be on the lunch you purchase, so they will be thinking nice thoughts about you while they eat. We appreciate your support in this.


We want to remind you what we are already doing to keep you and our staff safe in these times. When you come in, we ask you to sign your name, give us contact information and the time of your visit. This way, if the gods forbid, there is a case here, we can provide MB Health with the information they need to trace contacts. We ask that you not come in if you have recently travelled outside of western Canada or have any new cold or flu like symptoms. Definitely do not come in if you have active Covid-19. We also advise all our staff to not come to work if they have cold or flu symptoms. Any of our staff who you will have contact with will have a mask on. They might seem aloof, but we are asking them to step back from the tables when they are serving you. To help minimize contact, we ask that you stack plates for them and have them at one end of the table for us to clear. All our tables, chair backs and sides are being sanitized every time they are being used. All other contact surfaces, such as door handles and handrails, are being sanitized regularly. The debit machines are sanitized after every use, use Tap when you can.  We have hand sanitizer available for you at the front desk and in all the washrooms. Our tables, both inside and on the patio,  are all spaced so that when you are seated, you will be at least 2m from the nearest table. Please do not move tables. We are not allowed to move tables for you in the middle of service, we may have to split groups larger than 4 people. If you are coming with a group larger than 4 people, please call ahead and we can arrange tables for you in advance, to assure safe distancing. And of course, hand washing. In the restaurant business, regular hand washing is part of our thing. This goes back way before covid, but since covid, we have all learned better hand washing technique and we have become obsessed with hand washing. We value you and we value our staff, so we feel it is very important that we all pay close attention to these measures and that we all take care. Stay Safe!


I want to thank all of you for your continued support. These next few weeks will be a challenging time for restaurants. Although I want your support, I would also ask you to share your love with all your favourite local, independently owned restaurants. We have survived the past six months, but none of us are out of the woods yet. #EatLocal


Take care, be safe!


Danielle and Alex













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