Dear Loyal Customers,

November 29th,  2020


Happy Goativersary!


It’s been 3 years since we opened little goat. We took possession of our quirky little building on November 24th 2017 and 10 days later we opened our doors. If you had asked me then, on opening day, where you I would see myself and the goat in three years, I would never have guessed we’d be here.  I could never have imagined that we’d have take-out boxes and bags covering every table where diners used to sit, a crew of enthusiastic delivery drivers (including myself) exploring every corner of this great city, and that this weekly letter would be my principal form of interaction with my customers. But if you had asked me where I would see the goat in three years, I probably would have answered something along the lines of “who knows, the restaurant business is unpredictable.” And I would have been right.


When we opened, we knew that we were opening a work in progress. All we knew for sure was that we wanted to cook food and take care of people. Everything else is just details. We knew that the business would shift on our whims, on the needs of the neighbourhood, and the unpredictable winds of change. I guess this is why we were able to shift to this new reality so easily.  As long as we were still cooking food and taking care of people, we were fulfilling the promise of the littlest of goats. Who knows where we will be in 3 years from now. Will this pandemic permanently change restaurants? Will we return to normal? In three years, will I be using a jet-pack to set up mobile omelette stations on your front porch? Who knows. Recently, someone asked, “what is the best thing you learnt this year?’ I think for me, I learnt that Little Goat is not just a restaurant, but it is part of a community. And it is all of you who have invited us in to be part of your community. So, from the bottom of our little goat hearts, thank you.




Take care, be safe!


Danielle and Alex




















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