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Dear Loyal Customers,

We wanted to reach out to you in this time of crisis to thank you for your support and to let you know what we are doing moving forward. We have spent the weekend wrestling with our options. Some of our friends in the restaurant business are opting to close their doors. We feel that we are not in a place where we can do that at this time. We are a family business and we need to continue to support our family. We also have a number of people depending on us for their livelihood. So we have taken some steps to continue to operate and to provide service to you in the community. This whole Covid-19 crisis is fast moving and things can change quickly, but this is what we are doing for now.

  1. We have removed a few tables to provide greater distance between customers. Although as a restaurant, we have always taken cleanliness and sanitation very seriously, we are increasing our regular wipe downs with sanitizer of tables, chair backs and arms, handrails, door handles, phones and debit machines and any other places you may have contact with. We are reprinting all our menus and using them as a single use item, disposing of them after you have ordered. Any staff showing symptoms of any illness are being asked to stay home. Regular hand washing is a part of our daily routine, but we have all doubled up on this practice.  All these steps are being taken to ensure your safety as a dine in customer.
  2. We have chosen to partner with DoorDash. If you don’t want to come out, we can bring our tasty food to you. Visit our website, go to Doordash.com or use the app and order to your heart’s content. Door Dash also has a zero contact delivery option if this will make you feel safer.
  3. We are also going to be offering a “family supper” menu where we will bring a healthy, satisfying meal to you. You just tell us how many people you have to feed and we will take care of the rest. We will also be offering soups and stews by the litre for you to keep in your fridge or freezer for your family to enjoy. We will post a new menu every week. We are trying to keep the costs down, so that we can offer you an affordable option. This is a new idea for us, so any feedback (or requests) you have would be appreciated. We will be delivering Family Suppers to anyone in the St. James region or Wolseley. (Delivery to other neighbourhoods may be available on request, and may have an additional delivery charge.)
  4. Finally, we want to encourage you to buy gift certificates to use once things have settled down. For any of you who are in a position to afford it, this is a way you could help us stay afloat while we go through this crisis. As an added incentive, you can help others in our community. If you purchase $100 worth of gift certificates, we will donate $10 to RAY (Resource Assistance for Youth).

It’s hard to tell where things are headed, but we are confident that with the continued support of you, our community, we can continue to bring home cooked breakfasts, french comfort food and luscious desserts to all of you.  Take care of each other.

Thank you,

Alex & Danielle

Family Suppers

For all of you choosing stay home, we are offering Family Suppers. Family Suppers $20/person. Half Price for kids between 5 and 12, kids under 5 eat for free. Delivery charge of $5 in St. [...]

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