Here’s how it all started

Little Goat had been in our family’s heart for a long time, so when we had the chance to bring it to life, it was all hands on deck.

We took possession of the property on Novemeber 24th and were open on December 4th. We wanted to be open for December, but mostly I just wanted to get back in the kitchen cooking. Some restaurants open and they look and feel “perfect”, but this can sometimes make them feel cold and sterile. Not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on renovations also allows us to provide better value to our guests. Our space is a little rough, a little quirky, but we feel it is warm and inviting. Our kids helped paint, my mother-in-law sanded the tables and re-upholstered the chairs, our friends and cooks pitched in to paint… it was a family project, so it feels a little “home spun”. But thats what we like about it.

We like to think that we are a “work in progress”. Every week we grow a little, make some changes and improvements, play with the menu a little, add a cocktail list… When a restaurant opens and its “perfect” where is there left to go? Our spot will grow, change and develop organically. Of course, the risk we take is that some of our customers will come in and be disappointed and some may choose to never return. Others will have the grace to give us another try and some customers will love the fact that they are with us as we grow. We are giving people the opportunity to be part of the Little Goat story.

I have been around long enough to know that restaurants will always change and evolve. We will have highs and lows, we will make mistakes. We may have to back track and we may take great leaps forward. Restaurants like to pretend they have it all figured out before they open the doors, but with our philosophy or Little Goat as “work in progress”, we are just being honest with ourselves and true to the process.

And honestly, who is cuter, a little goat prancing around trying to figure out his world, or a big old billy goat who has seen it all and thinks he knows it all?