If you’re feeling stressed, let us help.

Let Little Goat cater your Thanksgiving dinner.It seems like this year  Thanksgiving Weekend kind of snuck up on us. Wasn’t it just last week that we were sitting on the beach? If you are feeling stressed about having to serve your family and friends an elaborate feast this weekend, let us help you.

We can Brine and Stuff the bird, we can make all the side dishes, we can even do the whole thing, complete with appetizers and desserts. If you are interested in doing a theme, talk to us, we can tweak the menu to suit you.

Just the Turkey

Brined, seasoned and stuffed. Ready to roast – $8/person (min 8 ppl)

Roasted and ready to serve, delivered hot – $15/person

For a free run bird, add $5/person

All the Sides

Mashed potatoes, baked yams, 3 veggie dishes, cranberry sauce, pickles, gravy and a salad – $12/person (min 8 ppl)


Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and Chocolate Brownies – $8/person (min 8 ppl)


Mini crab and corn cakes, kale and feta galettes, blue cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms – $9/person

To order, just email us at catering@littlegoat.ca. Delivery Charges may apply.